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The philosophy department currently has 11 full-time faculty members (and two emeritus members) with specialties ranging from ancient to recent philosophy, Plato and Aristotle to Kripke and Lewis. We offer particular expertise in philosophical logic and in the region of analytic thought where issues in metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophies of mind, language and science come together. 

We are located in building #4 of the Central Desert Complex (CDC).
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Abigail Aguilar, Faculty in Residence [CV]: Ancient Philosophy, Ethical and Political Theories, Applied Ethics and Politics, CDC 430, 895-4334,


David Beisecker, Associate Professor [CV]: Philosophy of Mind and Language, Philosophical Logic, CDC 429, 895-4038,


Ian Dove, Associate Professor [CV]: Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Critical Thinking, CDC 402, 895-3460,


Shane Epting, Visiting Assistant Professor [CV]: Applied Ethics, Engineering Ethics, Philosophy of the City, Environmental Ethics, CDC 413, 895-3475,


Maurice Finocchiaro, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus [CV]: Informal Logic and Critical Thinking, History and Philosophy of Science, 20th Century Italian Social and Political Philosophy, Galileo, Gramsci, CDC 428, 895-3461,


David Forman, Associate Professor and Chair [CV]: Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, 19th Century Philosophy, Ethics, History of Ethics, CDC 403, 895-3624,


Greg Janssen, Lecturer in Residence [CV]: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, CDC 422, 895-2419,



Todd Jones, Professor [CV]: Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Mind, CDC 405, 895-4691,


Erik Lindland, Faculty in Residence [CV]:  Existentialism, Kierkegaard, CDC 409, 895-3462,


William Ramsey, Associate Professor [CV]: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science, CDC 411, 895-2931,


Stephen Rosenbaum, Professor, Emeritus [CV]: Ethics, History of Ethics, Modern Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Epicurus, Philosophy of Death and Dying,


Paul Schollmeier, Professor [CV]Ancient Philosophy, American Philosophy, Ethics, Epistemology, Aesthetics, CDC 401, 895-1332,


James Woodbridge, Associate Professor [CV]: Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, CDC 426, 895-4051,


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